Masters of subduction

USF Volcanology Group

 The Volcano Group at USF is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists dedicated to understanding volcanic processes, their impact on people and societies, and the mitigation of volcanic hazards.

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Geology Graduate Student Organization provides a link between the graduate students of the department and the administrative body of USF. They also play a key role in planning activities and departmental events as well as provide numerous networking and community outreach opportunities.


Link to Smithsonian Institute Global volcanism Program which provides information on Holocene Volcanism around the world

USGS earthquake page with near real time updates on significant earthquake activity around the world

Phdcomics—because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

For those of us coming under the gun of a defense— a list of does (don’ts) for thesis defenses. I am quite partial to number four!!!

Earthquakes in the Park

This webpage was designed by a group of high school seniors who participated in a 2-week earthquake course that I co-instructed. This course was taught part-time at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and part-time at Denali National Park.