"The primary role of the geologist is to recognize the existence of phenomena before trying to explain them" -- B.M. Keilhau, 1828

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The primary focus of my research is the investigation of the long-term evolution of magmatic systems and the generation of probabilistic volcanic hazard maps. This research uses a variety of geophysical data streams and techniques including seismology, geodesy, numerical and statistical modeling and potential fields analysis (gravity and magnetics).



Skills and Qualifications




Computing Skills: Linux (Suse & Ubuntu), Matlab, perl, R, GMT,  Adobe Illustrator, Antelope relational database system, MS Office suite,  LaTex


Languages: French (proficient in reading and speaking), Spanish (proficient in reading)




University of South Florida, Tampa, FL


Ph.D. in Geology


Research Area: Volcanological exploration/geophysics

Dissertation: A multi-parameter approach to volcanic hazard assessment in Dominica, Lesser Antilles and the Tohoku Volcanic Arc, Japan

Advisors: Dr. Charles Connor & Dr. Rocco Malservisi 


University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK


M.S. in Geophysics


Research Area: Volcano Seismology

Master’s Thesis: “Relating deep magmatic processes to eruptive behavior at arc volcanoes through an analysis of deep seismicity”

Advisor: Dr. Michael E. West


Florida International University, Miami, Fl


B.S. in Geosciences


      Areas of Concentration: Geochemistry, Stratigraphy

      Minor: Chemistry




· Teaching Assistant, University of South Florida


· Research Assistant, University of Alaska Fairbanks




Education and Outreach speaker, University of South Florida: Demonstrated key concepts of seismology and volcanology to K-12 students through model simulations and electronic presentations
Teaching Assistant, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida
 Physical volcanology: Graded assignments and provided assistance to students during office hours.
Course Instructor II, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Co-taught a 2 week seismic exploration class for high school seniors in Denali National Park, Alaska during the Alaska Summer Research Academy (2010)
Designed lectures, arranged field logistics, supervised students in the field, and assisted students with data analysis, final presentations and construction of a class webpage.












Outstanding poster presentation in the Natural Hazards category,   University of South Florida, Oktoberfest


Outstanding geology undergraduate student of the year, Department of Geosciences, Florida International University


Dean’s List, Florida International University




McKnight Dissertation Fellowship


COCONet Graduate Student Fellowship


FGLSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship




Research Fellow – “Volcano Geophysics.” 

University of South Florida, Tampa, Fl


Participated in summer field trip to Dominica to investigate volcanic deposits on the island.

Assisted in field logistics and data collection during the 2014 ground-based magnetic survey of a buried volcano in Amargosa Valley, Nevada.

Led field campaign to install temporary GPS equipment in Ensenada Mexico following the 2012 Earthquake to monitor the post seismic response of this event.

June, 2013


March, 2014



June, 2012

Research Assistant – “Volcano Seismology.” 

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Volcano Observatory


Analyzed deep seismicity at volcanoes in Kamchatka, Russia and at Mount Spurr in Alaska. Performed as a duty seismologist by analyzing the real-time seismic data acquired on active volcanoes in Alaska.

Assisted with the installation and maintenance of an 11-station broadband seismic network on Bezymianny Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia as part of an NSF PIRE project.

Assisted with operations room procedure during the 2009 Redoubt eruptive episode by monitoring the seismic data and by providing shift relief for permanent staff.


Laboratory Assistant – “Geochemistry/sample preparation.”

Florida International University, Miami, Fl


Prepared grain mounts of olivine crystals for various types of geochemical analysis including ICPMS, SIM and FTIR. The primary purpose of this study was to evaluate the evolution of arc magmas in the Southern Chilean Volcanic Zone and to gain insight into the properties of the parent magma.




Export Coordinator – “Import/export manager.”

Caribtrans, INC, Miami, Fl


Handled the weekly preparation of up to 150 bills of lading the export full containers and “LCL” consolidations for the second largest port of call service by the company.

Managed customs documentation for the hazardous and imported cargo for later export.

Trained new employees to utilize the proprietary software used by the company to handle daily operations. This allowed them to transition into the demanding workload with relative ease.

Managed customer database to keep the information on new and existing customers up to date.

Coordinated the scheduling of delivery and pickup of merchandise from various vendors as part of my customer service duties.

Provided warehouse assistance during the busy season to facilitate a smoother process and maintain timely export of goods to customers.



· President: Geology Graduate Student Organization

· Vice President: Geology Graduate Student Organization




George, O., Malservisi, R., Govers, R., Connor, C., Connor, L. 2016. Is Uplift of volcano clusters in Tohoku Volcanic Arc, Japan driven by magma accumulation in hot zones? A Geodynamic modeling study. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth.
George, O., McIlrath, J., McNiff, C. Farrell, A., Gallant, E., Kinman, S., Marshall, A. , Njoroge, M., Wilson, J., Connor, C.B., Connor, L., Kruse, S. 2015. High-Resolution, Ground-Based Magnetic Survey of a Buried Volcano: Anomaly B, Amargosa Valley, NV. Statistic in Volcanology.




· George, O., Malservisi, R., Govers, R., Connor, C., Connor, L. 2015. Using 2D-Axisymmetric Finite Element Models to Understand the effect of Magma Underplating. Oral presentation at McKnight Mid-Year Meeting, Tampa, Fl

· George, O., Latchman, Joan L., Connor, C., Malservisi, R., Connor, L. 2014. Combining geological and geophysical data in volcanic hazard estimations for Dominica, Lesser Antilles. Poster presentation at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2014.

· George, O., Latchman, Joan L., Connor, C., Malservisi, R., Connor, L. 2014. Combining geophysical and geological data to create dynamic volcanic hazard maps on the island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles. Poster Presentation at SSA Annual Meeting, Anchorage AK, April-May 2014.    

· George, O., Malservisi, R., Govers, R., Connor, C., Connor, L. 2013. A Finite Element Modeling Investigation on the Effects of Magma Underplating on Topographic Variation and Uplift Rates. Poster presentation at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2013.

· George, O., West, M. 2011. Relating Deep Magmatic Processes to Eruptive Behavior at Arc Volcanoes through an Analysis of Deep Seismicity. Oral Presentation at SHV15 Conference, Montserrat.

· George, O., West, M. 2010. Cross Correlation analysis and double difference Relocation of Deep Seismic Events Beneath the Klyuchevskoy Volcanic Group. . Poster presentation at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2010.

· George, O., West, M.E. 2009. Analysis of Deep Seismicity at Mount Spurr, Cook Inlet, Alaska. Poster presentation at biannual Japan Kamchatka Alaska Subduction Processes meeting in Fairbanks, AK.


ORAL 2015




















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Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honors Society

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

American Geophysical Union

Geological Society of America

Seismological Society of America

National Association of Black Geoscientists


Nov, 2007

Nov, 2007

Jan, 2009

Sep, 2013

Jan, 2014

Aug, 2012




· Research and analysis

· Strategic planner

· Innovative

· Risk Management

· Team building and leadership

· Focused and productive   

· Outstanding written and oral communications