Ophelia George

My doctoral dissertation involves two main projects which involve the investigation of volcano-tectonic interaction in island arc settings and the associated hazards.

Text Box: This project uses 2D plane strain and 2D axisymmetric finite element modeling to investigate the effects of magma underplating on topographic variation.

Though volcanoes on the island of Dominica have not erupted in recorded history, there are various signs that suggest subsurface magmatic activity on has not waned

Tohoku Finite Element project

Dominica Volcano Tectonic/Hazard assessment project

Project List

In addition to the above projects, I am also involved in a magnetic mapping project in the Amargosa Valley, NV. This project was undertaken as part of a potential fields class in magnetic fields and builds on the extensive body of work which has been done in this area. Data collected during a high resolution ground magnetic survey in April 2014 has been combined with data collected in a previous survey by USF graduate students in 2011. In addition to publishing these data, maps generated from the data and preliminary magnetic inversion results are being published the online journal Statistics in Volcanology. The image below shows the results of the inversion study when coarse prisms are used.